On May 15th, 2022, BIG's Projects Coordinator, the Board of Directors, and ten additional members worked together to hold one of BIG's first major in-person events following COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, the annual BIG Membership Meeting. The meeting took place at a shelter in Country Park and was open to everyone regardless of membership status. We are thrilled to note that almost all of the people who did not have an active membership at the start of the meeting opted to join before the event ended.

The meeting was informal compared with previous ones BIG held prior to 2022. The change encouraged members to get to know one another, to ask questions that may not otherwise have been asked, to provide feedback, and to discover volunteer opportunities. There were four tables, each representing one of four BIG programs. Volunteers who actively participated in event planning, project implementation, and other efforts throughout the previous year, sat at tables representing the programs that they were involved with. Member feedback was written down and revisited at future meetings.  

But of course, our annual meeting would not have been complete without good food.  Everyone seemed happy with the options this year, including the delicious  bagels generously donated by New Garden Bagels. Lastly, following the meeting, a group of us grabbed our bikes. We finish off an otherwise enjoyable, informative afternoon with - yes, you guessed it! A bike ride.

Regardless if you joined us for this year's meeting or not, we urge you to attend this coming spring.  We value your feedback, would like to bring you up-to-date on all BIG has been up to, and perhaps most importantly, we value the sense of community and belonging that we carry with us when the event ends and we part ways So be on the lookout for details about the 2023 BIG Membership Meeting in coming months. And please enjoy the following pictures from the 2022 event. .Photo credit: BIG Board Member Rose Hankins

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