Membership Levels

BIG aims to provide value to our members by representing a diverse population of cyclists including those with limited financial resources. Join BIG in our mission to make Greensboro a more bike friendly community.

 BIG Time
  • Digital Newsletter
  • Membership Card perks
  • Access to discounts and special offers in exchange for volunteer time
 BIG Hero
 BIG Family
 (Bundle - Unlimited)
 BIG Deal
  • Digital Newsletter, Membership Card perks, & BB sticker (first time members)
  • 1 T-shirt (Made with Carolina Cotton from TS Designs)
  • 15% Merchandise Discount
 Incredible B.I.G
 BIG League
(Bundle - Limited to 5)

What are Bicycle Benefits?

Individuals can with a Bicycle Benefits sticker are eligible to receive discounts at participating businesses. There are currently 11 local businesses participating in this program including 3 of our bike shops: Trek, Recycles, and Revolutions.  

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