Here at Bicycling in Greensboro (BIG) SAFETY is our number one priority. In partnership with the Greensboro Department of Transportation we educate the public utilizing the Watch for Me NC curriculum and work with Safe Guilford to host children’s bicycle safety courses to teach safe cycling skills.

Providing ACCESS to bicycles benefits both the individual and the city by improving public health, promoting awareness of bicycling as transportation, and decreasing congestion. Our Changing Gears program removes barriers to bike ownership by working with under-served populations, particularly those struggling financially, in order to improve their quality of life. 

BIG is creating an inclusive bicycling COMMUNITY with our Open Streets events in May and our annual Ride of Silence that unite diverse cyclists under a common cause. We are also partnering with with Action Greensboro to bring a successful bike share to Greensboro that both increases the number of citizens cycling and invests in our cities economy.

BIG was created by a group of passionate cyclists and their legacy of ADVOCACY continues today. Our volunteers play a vital role in influencing future planning initiatives by participating in public meetings, speaking to the Transportation Advisory Committee, and service on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

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