Changing Gears

This initiative provides under-served populations, particularly those struggling financially, the opportunity to earn-a-bike. Recipients are also provided with a helmet, front and rear lights for night riding, and a bike lock for securing their bike. To apply for a bike contact 

Participants MUST complete a basic bicycle maintenance workshop and cycling safety course with a practical on-road final exam. Our volunteer bike mechanics provide one-on-one training on fixing a flat, adjusting brakes, and using the provided bike lock. Our team of Certified League of American Cyclist Instructors (LCI's) mentor participants and train them how to ride safely on the roadway. Training includes reviewing the rules of the road, helmet fitting, using hand signals, maneuvering drills, practicing lane positioning, and reviewing bike laws.

The purpose of these workshops is to ensure that recipients leave our program with all of the necessary skills to be confident, safe riders, with the knowledge and skills required to fix any minor problems that may arise.

"BIG believes getting more people on bicycles is good for the whole community. So we developed the Changing Gears earn-a-bike program."

Program Outcomes

61% retained bike

89% use bike for exercise

33% sited bike as means of finding current job

98% reported an improved quality of life

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