Board of Directors

Carl Fenske

Board Chairperson

Jody Dietrich

Board Treasurer

Dale Brown

Board Member

Apple Pie Ride Co-Manager

Advisor to the Board

Lloyd Bond,

with BIG since its inception in August 2005

Tremendous thanks to our advisor, Lloyd Bond, who passed away on September 27th, 2023.

John Connor

Board Member

Immediate Past Chairperson

Triad Ride List Administrator

Brian Leonard

Board Member

Chair Elect

Susan Long

Board Member

Membership Engagement

Nicole Lindahl,

Projects Coordinator

Ms. Lindahl earned her Master of Public Affairs with a Nonprofit Management Concentration from UNCG, graduating in December of 2017. She began working for BIG in March of 2018. Up until mid- December of 2019, she also worked as the Self-Sufficiency Coordinator at the Interactive Resource Center (where BIG's Changing Gears (CG) Program is housed.) Ms. Lindahl commutes by bicycle and is passionate about environmental advocacy. She also loves to ride her road bike recreationally and enjoys several other activities in her free time: roller skating, hiking, swimming, reading classic literature, and oil painting.

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