Bicycling Safety Education

BIG is passionate about increasing the number of people who bicycle safely and confidently. We accomplish this with our Learn to Ride classes, BIG Bike Camps!, the bike safety rodeos we hold throughout the year, our driver's education classes, and through a variety of other efforts. We are thankful to have partnered with a number of other organizations on each of the educational opportunities listed below. Our partners have dedicated their resources and expertise as cohosts of these opportunities along with what BIG has brought to the table. Our combined efforts are why these initiatives have been highly successful and very popular with the public. Partnerships also enabled BIG to provide safety education to more people.

  • BIG's Learn to Ride classes teach the basics of balancing, starting, stopping and steering a bicycle to children, teenagers, and adults who would like to learn to ride. Faithway Baptist Church has graciously allowed us to use their facility for these classes.
  • BIG partners with SAFE Guilford and other groups to host bicycle safety courses at schools, libraries and other locations.
  • We partner with the state-level bicycling advocacy group, BikeWalk NC, to provide local drivers with the information they need to safely co-exist with cyclists and other vulnerable users.. The effort is thanks BikeWalk NC's Bicycle Friendly Driver Program.  
  • BIG has coordinated with NC Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association to present to NC driver education instructors as part of a series of presentations that they must attend to maintain certification.
  • We partner with Cycles de Oro Bicycle Emporium, Bikesboro, and the Greensboro Velo Club to cohost the Easy Rider! series, relaxed weekly rides that take place every Tuesday in the evening during daylight savings time. These rides focus on safety while riding on public streets in a group.. The pace is slow and no one is left behind. 
  • BIG Bike Camps! take place in early summer. A camp session is a week long. The focus is on teaching children bicycling safety and providing them with the knowledge to commute safely by bike, all while having fun! 

These safety-oriented activities are great ways to inspire people with a love of cycling and give them the confidence to get on their bike and ride.

A scene from one of the weekly Easy Rider! rides in March of 2022.

Scene from a BikeWalk NC Driver's Education Program class held in partnership with BIG on July 30th, 2022 at Glenwood Together.

League Certified Instructor Dickson Lane is pictured here teaching a student to balance, steer, and brake using the balance bike method at a BIG Learn to Ride class on August 20th, 2022 at Faithway Baptist Church.

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