Mission & Vision

Mission: Bicycling In Greensboro (BIG) is helping to transform the greater Greensboro area into a community that embraces people who ride bikes. 

Vision: Bicycling is an integral part of our community. Networks of safe and convenient bikeways and complete streets attract all people and connect our neighborhoods. People feel safe when riding their bikes; all road users share the road responsibly. Our communities value bicycling as a form of recreation and sustainable transportation that connects destinations, strengthens our economy, attracts visitors, and promotes a fun, healthy lifestyle.

Guiding Principles

BIG is guided by the following Principles:

  • We believe in the power of people who ride bikes and our ability to effect change through open communication, consistent collaboration, building trust, and engaged public participation.
  • We pursue creative transportation solutions that increase bicycling, walking and the use of public transit to improve the health, vibrancy and quality of life for all.
  • We are committed to improving access to a complete and efficient transportation system for all Greensboro area residents and visitors, with particular attention to those communities and areas that have been historically underserved.
  • We are passionate about increasing the number of people who bicycle safely and confidently.
  • We are committed to engaging all people who ride bikes in our work and we partner with diverse groups to build an inclusive bicycling community.
  • We are committed to helping college and university communities thrive with car-free transportation options.
  • We believe in creating a strong and diverse organizational board, staff, and membership that reflects the wants and needs of Greensboro’s entire bicycling population.
  • We are fiscally, ethically, professionally, and environmentally responsible with our resources and in our work.

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