Hey Buddy! Gotta Light?

10/09/2012 4:11 PM | Michael Plakus (Administrator)
It's that time of year again...get out the lights because the days are shortening quickly, more than two minutes of daylight per day is being lost.  That might seem like much at face value but in the course of one week we are losing 16 minutes at this time of year.  That much time can easily catch one out on routine rides ("It was light this time last week").

Please don't be like the cyclist I encountered last night.  He was the classic "ninja" cyclist.  No lights, no reflectors, dark clothing and about 30 minutes after sunset moving along in the gutter of Lake Brandt Rd.  I wasn't able to see him until I was about 100 yards away but I knew he was there.  How?  By the sharp course corrections of the motorists in front of me as they suddenly realized he was there.  I sure hope he made it home unscathed.

"See Me" lights are not that expensive or heavy.  If you are reading this on your own computer than you have no excuse for not having working lights.  Lights are cheaper than medical bills any day of the week.
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